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Our company continued business with development of the steel industry in Japan, and reached the foundation 50th anniversary in 2016.
We work on development of Continuous Casting Powder and stable supply mainly , and we receive a high evaluation with technology and the quality of the product in the not only domestic but also foreign market.
We will catch the needs of customer precisely and make efforts to help the development of the steel industry by making use of much experience.

Masahiro Emi

Company Profile

Established : May 31, 1966
Head Office : 2-1-16, Zengyozaka, Fujisawa City, Kanagawa, 251-0876, Japan
Capital : 50 million yen
Shareholder : Nippon Steel & Sumikin Metal Products Co., Ltd 100%
President : Masahiro Emi
Number of Employees : 43 (as of March 31, 2017)
Company Organization:
Total Sales : 1,446million yen(FY2016, Consolidated)
Main Clients : Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation
JFE Steel Corporation
Nissin Steel Co.,Ltd
Kobe Steel,Ltd
Sanyo Special Steel Corporation
Aichi Steel Corporation
Main Correspondent
Bank :
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
Mizuho Bank


Before the incorporation-type
company split
May 1966 Nippon Thermofin Co.,Ltd. is established. Capital:5 million yen.
December 1968 Corporate name is changed to Nippon Thermochemical Co., Ltd.
“TEEMIX”an original (powdered) product is marketed.
August 1971 Capital is increased to 20 million yen.
1972 A making and selling right of “TEEMIX” to Kyushu and Yamaguchi area is transferred to “Nittetu Kinzoku”.
April 1974 ”THERMOCASTER” a new (powdered & granulated) product is marketed.
1980 Technological contract is released by a proposal of “Nittetu Kinzoku”.
1996 We bribe Foseco Japan Okayama factory and start the production sale of
Spherical hollow product with the facilities of the factory.
January-1997 We invest in Japan-China joint venture (Shanghai Nikken Dazhong Refining Steel Material Co., Ltd.).
Nov-2000 We acquire ISO9001 certification.
October-2005 We integrate Domestic general selling agency Co., Ltd. NTC.
Capital is increased in 50 million yen.
February-2011 Corporate name is changed to Co., Ltd. STU. On the same date, CCPbusiness is split off and company name is changed to Nippon Thermochemical Co., Ltd.
And all stocks of Nippon Thermochemical Co., Ltd are transferred to Nippon
Steel & Sumikin Metal Products Co., Ltd.
After the incorporation-type company split
February-2011 We hold a ceremony of the new company establishment.
April-2011 We promote the OEM production of spherical hollow product in Buzen Works (Nippon Steel & Sumikin Metal Products Co., Ltd.) and Kamogawa Industry Corporation.
We examine the facilities transference of NOZZLE FILLER facilities to Buzen Works.
October-2011 We decide to cancel manufacturing and sales of NOZZLE FILLER and explain to customers.
March-2012 We establish the OEM production system of spherical product and complete the withdrawal of NOZZLE FILLER.
We finish the production in the Okayama factory and close it.
September-2012 We receive ISO9001:2008 renewal audit and acquire certification.